Watch out! MLB players ready for the next Ice Bucket Challenge

red sox ice bucket challenge

Major League Baseball stated that all 30 clubs will take part in the upcoming ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this August.

The ALS Organization, together with the prestigious MLB, will conduct the challenge for another year.

Pete Frates and Challenge co-pioneer Pat Quinn and MLB’s Red Sox re-launched the ALS Ice Bucket challenge at Fenway Park last Friday.

During the re-launching, Frates and Quinn poured ice water bucket over Red Sox players’ and personnel’s heads.

Aside from the Red Sox, the other teams will also join the challenge before the season ends to help the association spread awareness and research aid for Lou Gehrig’s disease, popularly known as ALS.

ALS Organization said that 67 percent of the proceeds from last year’s ALS event will go to study, 20 percent to patient services, 9 percent to education while the remaining four percent will be appropriated to fundraising and processing.

On the other hand, ALS Society of Quebec plans to hold the challenge every August until the organization can find a cure for the said fatal disease. The said team provides hope to many people especially to those who have ALS, and enhances the quality of their lives while eagerly searching for new treatments and medicines.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, which accumulated $220 million a year ago, is held yearly so as to broaden the public awareness regarding the ailment.

Watch out! MLB players ready for the next Ice Bucket Challenge

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